Our guided tours

Mechanical instruments are truly a feast for the eyes; artistic creativity and ingenuity, combined with incredible feats of engineering from decades, or even centuries past still continue to amaze us today.

But the true appeal of these instruments can only be fully experienced when listening to their tunes and seeing them in action. That is why we only provide guided tours so that our guides can safely operate them. During a 45-minute tour, a wide variety of our musical instruments are presented and introduced in an easy to understand fashion. And tours are available in nine languages!

Capacities for groups are always reached quickly, so we recommend you to reserve your spots online, over the phone, or by visiting us on site. The minimum group size is four people.

We offer tours catering to a wide range of groups, and we can personalise them to be child/family-friendly, or for companies. If you would like your tour individualised, just ask us!

Opening hours

11:00 - 17:00

Entrance fees 2023

Adults: €10.00
Children, students/pupils and disabled people: €5.00